Field & Frame

Sponsor: The Architecture League
Partner: Sean Gaffney
Site: Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY
Size: 576 sqf
Status: Concept, 2013

Field & Frame is a submission for The Architectural League’s folly competition. It is situated in Socrates Sculpture Park, grafting another landscape onto the existing one. Traditionally a folly sits within a landscape in order to serve as an object to look at and from. Instead of reconstructing a landscape through framed views, Field & Frame reconstructs a landscape through a structural field of vertical elements. Socrates Sculpture Park is a flat, horizontal site occasionally broken by vertical trees. This folly implies the movement of a gently cascading landscape through a field of tilted vertical elements held by a horizontal plane. It grafts an “other” landscape onto the site by using the linear language of the fields and trees present. The columns are oriented perpendicularly to the curvature of the undulating surface and create different spatial experiences in areas of concavity and convexity. In areas of concave curvature the structural field opens up to invite people in and gather. In areas of convex curvature, the structural field closes to create dense and uninhabitable spaces. The structure creates an open field for exploration with no clear paths so people are able to negotiate their own way through.